Hi.. I am Prasad Pokala. I am a techie and philosopher with huge love in Integration Methodologies and Enterprise architecture. A super duper fan of current generation very fast evolving technologies, software, languages and tools. I am a maniac of every mind puzzling problem and that’s where my skill set lies.  I am good at designing stuff, programming and problem solving.

My interests are learning, designing, coding and then more learning, more designing, more coding and this goes on and on and on. I am one lazy guy who does not move away from my laptop. In fact I am wrong… I am not lazy… It’s my mind that does not agree and let me go away from laptop. It feeds on new ideas, new information and new knowledge. There is so much to learn in this world and my brain is so so much greedy to understand them all 🙂

Do feel free to say hi on my email and to discuss about cool stuff.. .. I hope you all will like my posts and they come useful to you at some point. That’s me….